Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy pursuant to Article 13 of EU Reg. 2016/679 (GDPR)

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and process your personal information in connection with your use of the web page (“page"). In particular, the management of personal data acquired during navigation (navigation log and cookies) and other related services that involve interaction with the user is explained.
In this regard, in full compliance with the EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (“GDPR") and the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data, BAOMARC AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS S.p.A. invites you to read the following information that has been thought and written in simple and brief language to help you understand clearly how we treat your personal data.


Baomarc collects and processes your data with respect and biggest care.

The Data Controller is BAOMARC AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS S.p.A. ("Baomarc"), with registered office at Viale Piemonte 0/9, 10148, Vinovo (TO), Tax Code and VAT number 02187040012, registered in the Turin Register of Companies.


We ask you for your data to make it easier to navigate on our web page.

Navigation data

The computer systems and software procedures used to operate this web page acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected in order to be associated with identified interested parties, but by its very nature could - through processing and association with data held by third parties - allow to identify the users. This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users connecting to the web page, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response from the server (successful, error, etc..) and other parameters relating to the operating system and computer environment of the user.
The processing of navigation data for the purposes indicated is based on a legitimate interest of Baomarc, which uses this data only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the web page and to monitor its proper functioning.

The data may also be used to check responsibility in the event of hypothetical computer crimes against the web page. Any such processing is based on a legitimate interest of Baomarc, which is committed to protecting its business and the integrity of the content of its web page.


Cookies are short fragments of text (letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to store on the client (the browser) information to be reused during the same visit to the web page (session cookies) or later, even after days (persistent cookies). Cookies are stored, according to the user's preferences, by the individual browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).
Later in this document we will refer to cookies and all similar technologies simply by using the term “cookie".
In general, it is possible to block cookies globally, but this would have an impact on the use of the web page. All newer browsers allow you to change settings on cookies.
These are usually found in your browser's menu under “options” or “preferences”. To understand how to set them up, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Internet Explorer: Click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen and select “Internet Options"; from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, select the “Privacy" tab and click the “Advanced" button. Remove the check from the “Replace automatic cookie management" item.
  • Google Chrome: click on the “Menu" button at the top right (the icon with the three horizontal lines) and select the “Settings" item from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, first click on the “Show advanced settings" item and then on the “Content settings" button. Then remove the check next to “Allow local data storage" (under the heading Cookie), make sure that the option “Block third-party cookies and site data" is selected. To disable cookies in Chrome for Android, click on the “Menu" button (the icon with the three dots at the top right) and select the “Settings" item from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, click on the “Site Settings and Cookies" tab, move the “Cookies" tab to OFF and make sure that there is no check mark next to the “Allow Third Party Cookies" tab.
  • Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan): click on the “Menu" button (the icon with the three dots at the top right) and select the “Settings" item from the menu that appears. Then scroll down the sidebar that appears on the right, go to the “Cookies" drop-down menu and uncheck “Do not block cookies from the latter".
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click on the “Menu" button (the icon with the three horizontal lines at the top right) and select the “Options/Preferences" item from the menu that appears. On the screen that opens, select the “Privacy" tab, expand the “History Settings" drop-down menu and select the “Use custom settings from the latter" item. Now, remove the check next to the “Accept cookies from sites" option and make sure that in the “Accept third-party cookies" menu the “never" item is set up. On Android, to get the same result, click on the “Menu" button (the icon with the three dots at the top right) and select the “Settings" item from the menu that appears. On the screen that opens, select the “Privacy" item, then go to “Cookies" and uncheck the “Activate" option.
  • Apple Safari: go to the “Preferences" of the application, select the “Privacy" tab from the window that opens and remove the check next to the “Allow from web pages that I visit" item. On iPhone and iPad, you can do the same by going to the iOS “Settings" (the gear icon on the home screen), selecting the Safari item from the menu that opens and moving to the “Block Cookies" section. At this point, remove the check mark next to “Allow from web pages I visit".

For information on how to manage cookies through other browsers, it is useful to consult the online help files. If this information is not sufficient, please consult your browser's “Help" at the following links:

Pursuant to the provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data “Identification of simplified methods for the information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies" published on June 3, 2014, consent to the use of cookies may be given in simplified form following the appearance of the banner containing the short information, or rather: (i) performing a scroll down action within any page of the web page, (ii) clicking on one of the internal links to any page of the web page, (iii) clicking on the “Continue" button or on the “X" button in the banner containing the brief information on cookies.

The web page uses technical cookies strictly necessary for the functionality of the web page itself, for the following purposes:

With your consent, the web page also uses statistical cookies (so-called analytics) set by Google. In relation to this cookie you can get more information at this link and manage the conferment of consent by clicking on this link

Contact form

In the “contact" section of the web page is a contact form for sending projects and/or requesting clarification on the services offered by Baomarc.
The data collected consists in the name, surname, email, company, telephone number, occupation of the interested person.
Baomarc will process your data in order to allow you to send your requests, as well as to process them and provide you with a concrete and appropriate answer.
The processing of your data for the above purposes is carried out in order to answer to requests (possibly pre-contractual) from users as well as on the basis of a legitimate interest of Baomarc, whose business is inevitably linked to the quality of services offered by its web page and the experience of interaction with users, as well as to the satisfaction of their expectations.

The collected data could also be processed in the context of any corporate events (transfer of the Company or business units) or in case of defense of a right in court and in relation to the related prodromal activities. Any such processing will be carried out on the basis of a legitimate interest of the Company in the continuation of its commercial activities and the protection of its rights.


Baomarc specifies the consequences in case of refusal to provide personal data.

Navigation data and data obtained from technical cookies are necessary for the operation of the web page, while data obtained from other cookies are not necessary and it is possible to oppose their collection as indicated above. The provision of personal data in the contact forms is optional and your refusal to enter your data in the form will only result in the inability to send requests to Baomarc.


Your data will be processed by as few people as possible, specifically authorized by Baomarc.

Where appropriate and in accordance with applicable laws and requirements, we may transfer your personal data in various ways and for various reasons to the following categories of persons:

  • external service providers (including external consultants, professionals, IT consultants);
  • external providers of IT services and outsourced document archiving;
  • all the companies in our group.

Furthermore, where requested, your personal data may be communicated to:

  • the competent judicial authorities;
  • public administrations and supervisory and control authorities.

Your personal data will not, instead, be disclosed to unspecified persons.
With reference to the personal data communicated to them, the subjects belonging to the above categories may operate, as the case may be, as data controllers (and in this case will receive appropriate instructions from Baomarc) or as separate data controllers. In the latter case, personal data will be communicated only with your express consent, except in cases where the communication is required by law or necessary or for the pursuit of purposes for which the consent of the person concerned is not required by law.


Your data will be treated in such a way as to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We are committed to taking all appropriate and reasonable measures to protect the personal information we hold from misuse, loss or unauthorized access. To this aim, we have put in place a series of appropriate technical and organizational measures.


Your data will not be processed in fully automated decision-making processes.

Baomarc's processing of your personal data does not include any automated decision-making process that could produce legal effects concerning you or that would have a significant impact on you in a similar way.


Your data will be kept for as long as we deem necessary with respect to the purpose for which it was collected.

Your data will be kept, in accordance with what expected of current legislation, for a period of time not exceeding that necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are processed. The criteria for determining the retention period of the data shall take into account the permissible processing period and the applicable rules on the limitation of legitimate rights and interests which constitute the legal basis for the processing.
Subsequently, the data will be deleted, aggregated or anonymized.


Your data will only be transferred outside the European Union if the conditions set out in the applicable data protection legislation are met.

Baomarc, acting as data controller, also reserves the right to transfer personal data to third countries. Data transfers outside the European Economic Area are subject to a special regime under the GDPR, and are only carried out in respect of countries that ensure an adequate level of personal data protection, on the basis of an adequacy decision of the Commission or where adequate safeguards have been adopted (including the standard contractual conditions provided by the European Commission), provided that the data subjects have enforceable rights and effective remedies.


You have the right to request access, rectification, portability and cancellation of your data, as well as limitation and opposition to processing.

In relation to the processing of your personal data, in accordance with the GDPR, you have the right to

  • to obtain confirmation from Baomarc as to whether or not your personal data is being processed and, if so, to obtain access to the information referred to in Art. 15 of the GDPR;
  • obtain the rectification of inaccurate data concerning you, or, taking into account the purposes of the processing, the integration of incomplete personal data;
  • to obtain the cancellation of your personal data, in the presence of one of the reasons referred to in art. 17 of the GDPR, where applicable;
  • cancel consent at any time in cases where consent has previously been given. Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on prior consent;
  • to obtain the limitation of the processing of your data in the event of one of the cases referred to in Article 18 of the GDPR;
  • object to the processing of your personal data on grounds relating to your particular position, where applicable;
  • to receive in a structured format, commonly used and readable by automatic device the personal data concerning you provided and to transmit such data to another owner of the treatment, in the cases and within the limits of art. 20 of the GDPR.

At any time, you may request to exercise the previous rights to Baomarc by writing to the following e-mail address

According to the GDPR, Baomarc is not entitled to charge costs for fulfilling any of the requests listed in this paragraph, unless they are manifestly unfounded or excessive, and in particular are repetitive. In cases where you request more than one copy of your personal information or in cases of excessive or unfounded requests, Baomarc may (i) charge a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs incurred to process the request or (ii) refuse to satisfy the request. In this case Baomarc will inform you of the costs before processing the request.
Baomarc may request additional information before processing requests if it needs to verify the identity of the natural person who submitted the request.
Except to any other administrative or jurisdictional appeal, you will also have the right to lodge a complaint with a control authority (for Italy: the Guarantor for the protection of personal data), if you believe that the processing of your personal data is carried out in violation of the GDPR. Further information is available on the web page
In any case, Baomarc is interested in being informed of any reasons for complaint and invites you to use the channels of contact mentioned above before referring to the supervisory authority, so that we can prevent and resolve any disputes in an amicable and timely manner, with the utmost courtesy, seriousness and discretion.